The Corporation of the City of Kawartha Lakes
Agricultural Development Advisory Committee Meeting

Lindsay Service Centre - 2nd Floor
180 Kent Street West
Lindsay, ON K9V 2Y6
  • Councillor Andrew Veale
  • Robert Bonis
  • Paul Brown
  • Phil Callaghan
  • Michelle Murphy-Ward
  • Rebecca Parker
  • Matthew Pecoskie
  • Adam Shea
  • Tim Webster
  • Shawn Westland

Accessible formats and communication supports are available upon request. The City of Kawartha Lakes is committed to accessibility for persons with disabilities. Please contact if you have an accessible accommodation request.

  • That the agenda be adopted as circulated.

Adoption of the minutes of the February 13, 2020 meeting of the Agricultural Development Advisory Committee.

  • That the minutes of the Agricultural Development Advisory Committee meeting held on February 13, 2020, be adopted as circulated.

Members are encouraged to review the discussion paper for understanding and to highlight any items of concern to the agricultural sector.

The draft Discussion Paper outlines preliminary options to address several key issues as well as discusses a potential format for the new document.  Planning Division would like your comments and input to help the City as we start to prepare a draft New Rural Zoning By-law over the next several months.  Some questions you might want to ask yourself are:

  • What opinions do you have on the key issues the City has identified?
  • Are there any other issues you believe should be considered as part of this zoning by-law review?
  • What map format would be easy for you to read?
  • Do you have a preference between the traditional form currently used in the City zoning by-laws or a table-based presentation of uses and regulations?
  • How would you like to be able to access information?

Please provide comments by March 15, 2020 to

This item was Deferred from February 13, 2020. Review of tax class share of tax burden by Councilor Veale.

The next meeting will be Thursday, April at 9:30 a.m. in the Economic Development Boardroom, 180 Kent Street, Lindsay.

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