The Corporation of the City of Kawartha Lakes


Kawartha Lakes Community Pandemic Recovery Task Force

Meeting Commencing at 10:00 AM - Electronic Participation Only
Human Services Boardroom
68 Lindsay Street North, Lindsay, Ontario
  • Councillor Ron Ashmore
  • Councillor Pat Dunn
  • Councillor Doug Elmslie
  • Councillor Tracy Richardson
  • Director Rod Sutherland
  • Fire Chief Mark Pankhurst
  • Penny Barton Dyke
  • Marina Hodson
  • Heather Kirby
  • Lynda Nydam
  • Amy Terrill
  • Pam Stuckless
Accessible formats and communication supports are available upon request. The City of Kawartha Lakes is committed to accessibility for persons with disabilities. Please contact if you have an accessible accommodation request.

Co-Chair Amy Terrill called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.

Councillor Ashmore, Councillor Dunn, Councillor Elmslie, Councillor Richardson, Rod Sutherland Director Human Services, Marina Hodson Executive Director, Kawartha North Family Health Team, Heather Kirby Executive Director, Kawartha Lakes Food Source, Lynda Nydam Executive Director, Children’s Service Council,  and Amy Terrill Executive Director, Kawartha Lakes Boys and Girls Club were in attendance.

City Staff in attendance: Jamie Anderson CEO Kawartha Lakes Public Library, Barb Condie Accessibility Officer, Shelley Cooper Community Partnership, Holly Russett Executive Assistant Human Services and Brenda Stonehouse Strategy and Innovation Specialist.

Regrets: Fire Chief Mark Pankhurst, Penny Barton Dyke Executive Director, United Way City of Kawartha Lakes and Pam Stuckless Director Health Promotion Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge District Health Unit.

  • Moved ByDirector Sutherland
    Seconded ByCouncillor Elmslie

    That the March 22, 2021 Community Pandemic Recovery Task Force agenda be adopted as circulated.


There were no declarations of pecuniary interest disclosed.

  • Moved ByCouncillor Dunn
    Seconded ByCouncillor Richardson

    That the minutes of the Community Pandemic Recovery Task Force meeting held on January 11, 2021, be adopted as circulated.


Heather Kirby gave a verbal overview of the Community Pandemic Recovery Fund Committee Review. Recapping the framework passed by Council and the application processing following. The Lindsay CHEST fund contribution was $380,000, Heather thanked them for their support and contribution through the process. The City added an additional $120,000 from the reserve in support of the areas beyond the Lindsay boarder. Seventeen applications reviewed by each committee member for eligibility in alignment with the frame work and intention for the funding. Of the seventeen applications, nine were funded; seven within Lindsay - five were funded, ten outside Lindsay - four funded. The balance remaining in the CHEST fund will be recommended to be returned. The balance from the reserve fund will be recommended to be part of a second intake. On behalf of the Recovery Fund Chair Max Radiff, Heather thanked the Fund Committee members for their time to review the applications and go through the process. Thank you to Jennifer Bain from the Community Futures Development for helping establish the draft framework. Thank you to Craig Shanks, Director Community Services for his support and feed back through the development process.

Marina Hodson recommended the Recovery Fund Committee Members remain the same for the next intake, having already used and are familiar with the Framework, it would simplify the process. Rod responded that the existing Terms of Reference would remain in place, the current member appointments would also continue into another intake. If another intake is approved, it would proceed after the recommendation goes to Committee of the Whole on April 6th and then the Regular Council Meeting on April 20th.

The Gaps Working Group has continued working on Capacity Building Workshops. Brenda updated a couple Innovation for Non-Profit Workshops are scheduled in the next couple weeks.

Amy shared the second high priority area identified in the surveys was digital platforms and utilized technology effectively to connect with client, member, each other. Working on connecting with a local presenter to organize workshops on this topic.

Heather shared some initial thoughts and suggestions for consideration, from reviewing the applications from the recovery fund and from conversations with groups/organizations throughout the time on the Task Force; different ways of fundraising in/out /beyond the pandemic, how to do event planning, transitioning out of the pandemic to where people feel comfortable being with people again; how and what to communicate in general, reaching out to different audiences; volunteer succession planning; Mission-Vision sessions; how to complete a funding application; questions to ask your leadership team, to change the conversation to move forward from what we've always done to what we should be doing now; partnerships agreements, putting partnerships/documents in place.

Brenda shared that the Innovation Workshop will touch on a lot of these suggestions briefly, she thinks there is value in having dedicated sessions on a lot of these items. Brenda asked about a budget for external facilitators and the sessions planned. Rod explained there isn't a specific budget allocated to the Task Force, there would be access to some internal funding resources.

Lynda asked that from the survey done several months ago more focus be given to Mental Health and Well Being and providing supports. Marina shared the Physiologist that works out of the Kawartha North Family Health Team Bobcaygeon office would be willing to look at volunteering for session(s) for employees and community members.

Amy asked everyone to continue to put the information out to networks of the upcoming workshops.

Rod highlighted the announcement last week from EORN, to expand cell coverage and connectivity across Eastern Ontario, which Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton are apart of.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, May 3, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. via Electronic Video .

  • Moved ByCouncillor Dunn

    That the Community Pandemic Recovery Task Force Meeting adjourn at 10:36 a.m.

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