The Corporation of the City of Kawartha Lakes


Kawartha Lakes Community Pandemic Recovery Task Force

Meeting Commencing at 10:00 AM - Electronic Participation Only
Human Services Boardroom
68 Lindsay Street North, Lindsay, Ontario
  • Councillor Ron Ashmore
  • Councillor Pat Dunn
  • Councillor Doug Elmslie
  • Councillor Tracy Richardson
  • Director Rod Sutherland
  • Fire Chief Mark Pankhurst
  • Penny Barton Dyke
  • Marina Hodson
  • Heather Kirby
  • Lynda Nydam
  • Amy Terrill
  • Pam Stuckless
Accessible formats and communication supports are available upon request. The City of Kawartha Lakes is committed to accessibility for persons with disabilities. Please contact if you have an accessible accommodation request.

Co-Chair Amy Terrill called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

Councillor Ashmore, Councillor Dunn, Councillor Elmslie, Councillor Richardson, Rod Sutherland Director Human Services, Penny Barton Dyke Executive Director, United Way City of Kawartha Lakes, Heather Kirby Executive Director, Kawartha Lakes Food Source, Lynda Nydam Executive Director, Children’s Service Council and Amy Terrill Executive Director, Kawartha Lakes Boys and Girls Club were in attendance.

City Staff in attendance: Jamie Anderson CEO Kawartha Lakes Public Library, Barb Condie Accessibility Officer, Shelley Cooper Community Partnership, Holly Russett Executive Assistant Human Services and Brenda Stonehouse Strategy and Innovation Specialist.

Absent: Fire Chief Mark Pankhurst, Marina Hodson Executive Director, Pam Stuckless Director Health Promotion Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge District Health Unit.

  • Moved ByCouncillor Elmslie
    Seconded ByCouncillor Dunn

    That the November 30, 2020 Community Pandemic Recovery Task Force agenda be adopted as circulated.


There were no declarations of pecuniary interest disclosed.

  • Moved ByP. Barton Dyke
    Seconded ByL. Nydam

    That the minutes of the Community Pandemic Recovery Task Force meeting held on October 19, 2020, be adopted as circulated.


Rod Sutherland reviewed the list of recommendations starting with the Community Project Capital Funding Program will be received for 2021 without the 50/50 matching. The understanding is for Council to consider doubling the fund for 2021.

Internal resources and supports recommendations is being worked on with review of the survey results and feedback/input and monitoring  continued feedback received through Jump In.

Community Fund Framework - incorporation of the 2021 Lindsay Chest Fund will form part of the Community Fund be spelled out in the framework and the specific allocations, based on limitations and restrictions on Lindsay. Work has begun based on discussions with the Task Force and the working groups. The framework process to be developed.

A meeting with members of the Economic Recovery Task Force took place last week and funding for the Arts and Culture Sector was supported. More discussions are planned.

Funding Framework does have to comeback to Council in Q1 of 2021. The first Committee of the Whole meeting is January 12 and Regular Council meeting two weeks after. Meeting timeline goals through December in advance of the January meeting would be ideal.

A Special Council Meeting December 1st focused on the Capital Budget includes a report on the agenda relating to the 2019 Surplus and the options for the disposition of the surplus. The recommendation in the report is that the surplus be maintained in the contingency reserve for purpose of funding community, economic and corporate pandemic recovery initiatives.

Working Group Volunteers to review draft Fund Framework to be developed by City Staff, Heather Kirby, Lynda Nydam, Penny Barton Dyke.

Working Group Volunteers to review Jump In and next steps connecting again with community organizations, Marina Hodson, Lynda Nydam, Amy Terrill.

Brenda Stonehouse will assist the 2 new working groups.

Amy Terrill touched on the need to keep Jump In current for organizations that are experiences needs now. As a group continue to keep Brenda apprised of any new funding opportunities that we're hearing about or seeing. Heather and Brenda have been monitoring Jump In closely and ensuring significant updates are add and all content is current.

Ways to identify community organization needs. Jump In can be setup as a discussion forum, ideas can be submitted. Different tools are available to engage organizations. Thoughts for discussion - opening to a broader audience ie public or for organizations only, how best to gather information. Heather suggests staying as is as it aligns with the community fund. Lynda and Penny agreed keeping Jump In as is for organizations only not opening it.

Amy asked about stimulating participation on Jump In. Heather suggested a series of Zoom meetings to interact face to face along with surveys. Having a facilitated discussion, offering a few dates and times to accommodate schedules. Brenda thought that Zoom meetings may help identify any barriers that may exist with Jump In that people are experiencing.

In summary, Zoom meetings, discussion forums, targeted outreach to community organizations to encourage engagement.

Amy spoke on the continued commitment from existing Task Force Members.

Councillor Ashmore spoke to committee memberships and the Mayor will be deciding memberships for the next two years shortly.

The next meeting is scheduled for December 14, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. This meeting will be setup for the two working group meetings as the time is set aside. New meeting invitations will be sent out including Zoom credentials. These meetings will not be live streamed.

  • Moved ByCouncillor Dunn

    That the Community Pandemic Recovery Task Force Meeting adjourn at 10:49 a.m.

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