The Corporation of the City of Kawartha Lakes


Additional Agenda


Special Council Meeting

Meeting #:CC2019-16
Open Session Commencing at 9:00 a.m.
Council Chambers
City Hall
26 Francis Street, Lindsay, Ontario K9V 5R8
  • Mayor Andy Letham
  • Deputy Mayor Doug Elmslie
  • Councillor Ron Ashmore
  • Councillor Pat Dunn
  • Councillor Patrick O'Reilly
  • Councillor Tracy Richardson
  • Councillor Kathleen Seymour-Fagan
  • Councillor Andrew Veale
  • Councillor Emmett Yeo
Accessible formats and communication supports are available upon request.

Financial Overview Presentation
Ron Taylor, Chief Administrative Officer
Jennifer Stover, Director of Corporate Services

  • That the presentation by Ron Taylor and Jennifer Stover, regarding the Financial Overview, be received.

2018 Year End Position

2018 Year End Position Presentation
Carolyn Daynes, Treasurer

  • That the presentation by Carolyn Daynes, regarding 2018 Year End Position, be received.

Memorandum - 2019 Lifecycle Extension Budget
Andy Letham, Mayor

  • That the Memorandum from Mayor Letham, regarding 2019 Lifecycle Extension Budget, be received

    That the Lifecycle Extension Budget for 2019 be increased, to an additional maximum of $800,000.00, to be funded from the Asset Management Plan Reserve, and to accommodate additional priority roads that need immediate attention; and

    That Staff report back to council with the list of roads included in the 2019 Lifecycle Extension program after the tender has been awarded.

Capital Related Outlook for 2019
Long Term Financial Plan Update Presentation
Jennifer Stover, Director of Corporate Services
Adam Found, Manager of Corporate Assets

  • That the presentation by Jennifer Stover and Adam Found, regarding the Capital Related Outlook for 2019 Long Term Financial Plan Update, be received; and

    That the Chief Administrative Officer be authorized to commit up to $75,000.00 from the Contingency Reserve for initiatives that support the modernization of service delivery or result in reduced costs.

Memorandum - Federal Gas Tax
Andy Letham, Mayor

  • That the Memorandum from Mayor Letham, regarding Federal Gas Tax, be received;

    That up to $2,000,000.00 of the additional Federal Gas Tax funds be committed to enhance the Roads Capital Program in 2020; and

    That staff include up to an additional $2,000,000.00 of roads projects in the proposed 2020 capital budget to accelerate our roads program for Council consideration.

2020 Budget Process

2020 Budget Process and Requests
Jennifer Stover, Director of Corporate Services

  • That Report CORP2019-016, 2020 Budget Process and Requests, be received.

Memorandum - 2020 Budget Direction
Andy Letham, Mayor

  • That the Memorandum from Mayor Letham, regarding 2020 Budget Direction, be received;

    That all external City Agencies and Boards, funded in whole or in part by the tax levy, be advised and notified that the City’s funding level for 2020 will not exceed the 2019 contribution level; and

    That staff be directed to bring forward 2 proposed budgets for 2020.

    1. As per the long term financial plan approved by council.
    2. 0% tax support operating budget increase over 2019 from each department.