The Corporation of the City of Kawartha Lakes


Kawartha Lakes Municipal Heritage Committee Meeting

Council Chambers
City Hall
26 Francis Street, Lindsay, Ontario K9V 5R8
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W. Bateman called the meeting to order at 5:01 p.m. with the following members present Councillor R. Ashmore, A. Adare, D. Carroll, J. Garbutt, A. Hart, R. Macklem and I. McKechnie.

Staff Present: E. Turner, Economic Development Officer - Heritage Planning, D. Goodwin, Economic Development Officer - Arts and Culture, and R. Porter, Capital and Special Projects Supervisor.

Regrets: W. Purdy, J. Skelton

Several items were added under Other Business:

7.1 Sturgeon Lake Cabins

7.2 Downtown Lindsay Street Signs

7.3 Downtown Commercial Signage

  • KLMHC2020-49
    Moved ByA. Hart
    Seconded ByI. McKechnie

    That the agenda be adopted as amended.


There were no declarations of pecuniary interest disclosed.

A. Hart noted that the resolution for item 4.2 should read:

That Report KLMHC2020-25, Proposed Ontario Heritage Act Regulations, be received;

That the Committee's comments be forwarded to Council for endorsement;

That a subcommittee be formed to refine the Committee's final comments; and

That the Chair be invited to participate in the subcommittee.

  • KLMHC2020-50
    Moved ByD. Carroll
    Seconded ByCouncillor Ashmore

    That the minutes of the Municipal Heritage Committee meeting held on October 8, 2020, be adopted as amended.


The Grand Redevelopment Presentation

Diana Balanyuk, END Group

The Committee received a presentation from Diana Balanyuk regarding the proposed redevelopment of the Grand (171 Kent Street West).

Report KLMHC2020-28 171 Kent Street West Alteration Application

  • KLMHC2020-51
    Moved ByJ. Garbutt
    Seconded ByA. Hart

    That Report KLMHC2020-28, 171 Kent Street West Alteration Application, be received;

    That the proposed alterations as presented be approved with the following conditions:

    • Submission of window, door, lighting and awning specifications
    • Submission of separate heritage permit applications for the commercial signage
    • That the brick not be painted or stuccoed.

Lindsay Armoury Doors Presentation

Rodney Porter, Capital and Special Projects Supervisor

The Committee received a presentation from R. Porter regarding the proposed new doors for the Lindsay Armoury.

Report KLMHC2020-10 210 Kent Street West Alteration Application 

  • KLMHC2020-52
    Moved ByA. Hart
    Seconded ByR. Macklem

    That Report KLMHC2020-10, 210 Kent Street West Alteration, be received; and

    That the design be revised and recirculated to the Committee.


Arts and Culture Presentation

Donna Goodwin, Economic Development Officer - Arts and Culture

The Committee received a presentation from D. Goodwin on the Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland Museum Network.

Report KLMHC2020-30 Arts and Culture Presentation 

  • KLMHC2020-53
    Moved ByJ. Garbutt
    Seconded ByCouncillor Ashmore

    That Report KLMHC2020-30, Arts and Culture Presentation, be received; and

    That the presentation from Arts and Culture staff be received for information.


Report KLMHC2020-26 2021 Meeting Dates

  • KLMHC2020-54
    Moved ByCouncillor Ashmore
    Seconded ByI. McKechnie

    That Report KLMHC2020-21, 2021 Meeting Dates, be received; and

    That the meeting dates for 2021 be approved.


Report KLMHC2020-27 511 Emily Park Road Consent Application

  • KLMHC2020-55
    Moved ByA. Hart
    Seconded ByR. Macklem

    That Report KLMHC2020-27, 511 Emily Park Road Consent Application, be received; and

    That comments regarding the proposed consent be provided through the Chair to Planning staff.


Report KLMHC2020-29 New Ontario Heritage Act Processes

  • KLMHC2020-56
    Moved ByR. Macklem
    Seconded ByJ. Garbutt

    That Report KLMHC2020-29, New Ontario Heritage Act Processes, be received;

    That property owners be provided with notice in advance of the listing of their properties on the Heritage Register in addition to the new statutory notice; and

    That this recommendation be forwarded to Council for approval.


E. Turner provided an update on ongoing heritage designations. There is currently one heritage designation application for 40 Head Street which will be coming to the Committee in the new year.

I. McKechnie provided an update on Doors Open. The Kawartha Lakes Digital Doors Open items are still online and can be accesses. Any members who have social media should share them. Registration for Doors Open 2021 will open soon.

E. Turner informed the Committee that fees for Doors Open 2020 will roll over to 2021 because of the pandemic. The Committee would like to participate in Doors Open 2021. Councillor Ashmore suggested that the theme for 2021 be agriculture to align with the International Ploughing Match which will take place in Lindsay in the fall.

E. Turner shared with the Committee the fall edition of Community Heritage Ontario News and the fall edition of Ontario History.

The Committee discussed the cabins at Pickerel Point which are threatened with demolition by Parks Canada. R. Ashmore would like a subcommittee be formed to reach out to Parks Canada and to discuss next steps for the cabins.

  • KLMHC2020-57
    Moved ByI. McKechnie
    Seconded ByD. Carroll

    That a subcommittee be established to address the Sturgeon Lake cabins consisting of Councillor Ashmore, J. Garbutt, W. Bateman and A. Adare.


E. Turner informed the Committee that there is budget as part of the Downtown Lindsay reconstruction to have new street signs. She presented a proposed design for the Committee's consideration as well as some potential colours (navy, burgundy, or black).

The Committee's preference for the colour is burgundy and would like to see a mock up of the sign. E. Turner informed the Committee that the BIA and the Accessibility Advisory Committee would also review the signs.

  • KLMHC2020-58
    Moved ByA. Hart
    Seconded ByD. Carroll

    That the proposed new signs for Downtown Lindsay be endorsed.


J. Garbutt raised the issue of heritage signs in downtown Lindsay which are not heritage compliant and noted that a number of signs had gone up recently which were not in compliance with the HCD guidelines. E. Turner informed the Committee that she has not recently received any heritage sign permits and that she could enforce the signage requirements if she received complaints regarding which signs were non-compliant. J. Garbutt will follow up on this issue.

The Committee decided they would like to form a sign subcommittee to deal with general issues related to downtown signage.

  • KLMHC2020-59
    Moved ByA. Hart
    Seconded ByI. McKechnie

    That a subcommittee be formed related to signage in the downtowns consisting of: A. Hart, J. Garbutt, A. Adare and I. McKechnie.


The next meeting will be Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall.

  • KLMHC2020-60
    Moved ByJ. Garbutt
    Seconded ByR. Macklem

    That the Municipal Heritage Committee Meeting adjourn at 7:15 p.m.